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Today’s High-Tech Kids

If you do not actively find out about new technologies, your employees will quickly recognise greater than you will. At college inside the mid 1970s, I spent hours within the computer room, typing punch playing cards and then awaiting my “batch” to run. A confession of a dinosaur? Undoubtedly. But it shows just how a […]

5 High Tech Concrete Alternatives Are Eco-Friendly

The times they’re a-changing. “Green” is in. Consumers want environmentally friendly merchandise, homes and buildings. The authorities wants to encourage sustainability. Green homes, not but common, command a premium fee. The result is that the building enterprise is developing and using extra earth-pleasant products than ever. Architects and engineers are designing inexperienced homes and specifying […]

Waterloo Ontario – Tech Capital

3 Reasons To Visit Waterloo Waterloo is a southwestern town in Ontario, Canada. Waterloo has a populace simply shy of one hundred 000, even though for the duration of the college season the population balloons to approximately one hundred fifteen 000. It is regularly known as half of “Kitchener-Waterloo”. In truth, Waterloo and Kitchener have […]